Built-Up Asphalt Emulsion Roofing in Central California

Dunlap Roofing Company

Commercial asphalt emulsion roofs

While single-ply systems have captured much of the recent press, bituminous commercial roofing systems (including modified bitumen) still represent a significant share of all low-slope roofing activity. Built-up roofing systems are still preferred by many building owners and operators.

Two basic components - felts and bitumen - are laminated in the field (built-up) to form a roofing membrane. The bitumen is usually asphalt or coal tar pitch. The asphalt serves as both the system adhesive and the waterproofing agent. Reinforcing felts provide strength and stability to the membrane. Surfacings provide opacity for UV resistance as well as fire protection. Commercial asphalt emulsion will not crack, "alligator," run, or sag under extreme weather conditions. It resists most corrosive fumes and spray.


  • Best-value, versatile protective roof and waterproofing coating.
  • Solvent-free, non-fibered black asphalt, waterproof, "non-alligatoring".
  • For concrete, masonry, steel tanks/coating composition and smooth-surface built-up roofs.

Dunlap Roofing Company is your best option for maintenance and installing built-up asphalt emulsion commercial roofing systems in Central California.